Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yeah, baby, I'm Alive

I have let so many blogs die slow and painful deaths in the past, and I am determined that this blog will not suffer a similar fate!
I have been working quite at bit at my job and have been earning $1100-1400 each month so far. It has felt really, really great! I have had to fill out a lot more paperwork and apply for a variety of professional memberships and things since I found out I passed my test. That has eaten up a little money and has partially kept me from fulfilling a bit goal - a second contract. I only have one more thing I must do before getting the contract and one other optional membership (which I think I'll join just for the networking). I finally feel like I'm not only becoming active in my profession, but also setting myself up for success.
Part of my job now is also to maintain my certification through workshops and the like. My first workshop is next weekend! I'm a bit annoyed that it will eat up all day on Halloween, but I'm excited to be participating!
I've been reading a lot of PF blogs lately and it seems to be a bit of trend to just write a To-do list for the week. I'm going to give that a try in the hopes that it will keep me motivated to update this bad boy.
AH! Lest we forget...My savings ticker is getting closer to the bank! Thanks to three paychecks this month, I decided to deposit $300 into an actual savings account. Because I'm ghetto, I still have the $42 in change in my dresser. I never took it to the bank to turn into silky smooth greenbacks. And with the big deposit, I opened a real, linked account, instead of just filling up my checking. I may keep the $42 and turn it into a Christmas gift fund (because Christmas is almost here, as Ta*rget and a painful amount of commercials keep reminding me).

To Do - 10/25 -10/30
1. Email about second contract (10/28! Hopefully I hear back soon!)
2. Contact city abt business license (DONE! 10/26)
3. Membership to last prof club
4. Clean the bathroom (not money related, but it is needed)
5. Check out local gym