Tuesday, May 12, 2009


A little background - I'm self-employed and do freelance work (don't want to specify what kind at this point). My hourly pay is pretty good, but I simply haven't been working enough. I've been coasting by on my college mentality. Yesterday I worked 12 hours (mostly in the sun-poor nose), which is FANTASTIC. However, this was a one time event. So while my next pay period will look good, after that I'm back to my normal poverty level of work.
My profession does several tests and levels that anyone can work towards in order to up hourly wages. My first step to increasing my income is going to be taking the first test. It was expensive (over $300) but Bear and my folks helped me pay for it (Love you guys!) and if I pass, I will double my hourly pay. I'm going to take the test in June and I am definitely freaking out. I know that if I pass not only will I be earning more, but I'll also be qualified to take more work. If I fail, then I have to wait for 6 months before trying again.
I know that my biggest issue is going to be getting more contracts, but this is a good start. Hopefully the contracts will be easier to get with this little boost to my resume (how do I make that the right kind of e....?).
Quick Confession - I hate selling myself. Talking to managers and supervisors...eek! I know that seems stupid considering I'm in a freelance position where selling myself is the point, but still! A real goal for me is going to be having enough confidence to get myself work.

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