Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm a Big Kid Now!

I turn 24 this week! Ah, to be in my early 20s again :)
For my birthday I'm asking my folks to pay for a gym membership and some new workout shoes. I definitely need to start working out and so does Bear. We can afford the monthly 'Couples' cost, but the start-up fee+first month is just a little too much all at once. Luckily my parents feel good about this bday wish and were happy to oblige!
I know that every one is different, but I truly believe that a lot of my weight issues are connected to my financial issues. A lot of my financial issues are from a lack of self-confidence and an inability to just get things done that will benefit me (really, really annoying trait). I always talk myself out of networking or making "the" call. I do the "oh sure, later" game with both working out and work. To me this is more than a coincidence, it is a sign that I need to to change! Since I'm finally taking steps to improve my life financially, I felt like it was time to start things physically as well. Bear and I are going on vacation for almost two weeks in early August (his family lives on the other side of the country), and when we get back there will be about a 1o day break before work really starts picking up. Hopefully I'll find out the results of my test in the next three weeks and so during that 10 day break I can get a new contract and get into a routine of working out!
Speaking of the test results, I'm going batty!!! I know that I can retake the test if I really need to, but I REALLY want to just get a good result now and be done with it. After all, its only the rest of my life ;)

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