Thursday, July 30, 2009


Still waiting on my results and it is driving me INSANE! I have some work secured for the new school year and if I pass the test then it will end up paying me around $1100 or so (after tax) a month. That alone is a GREAT feeling and so I have to hope both that I pass and that schedules don't end up changing too much. It'd be nice to have this amount as a sure thing for several months. That work would also mean that I only have to find enough work for another $900 to meet my goals for income. Again, if my results come in positive, then that would become much easier.
Bear and I are taking off for almost two weeks in August and I am really excited. I definitely need to get out of town for awhile (I haven't travelled out of state in...10 months or so) and am getting restless. Hopefully I handle the humidity. The best part of this trip is that in a random set of coincidences, three or four of our friends from here will be within an hour of where we're going! So we're going to try to meet up with people.
The trip is being paid for out of Bear's money and some work I've done for my dad. I won't have a ton of personal spending money, but Bear has enough and I think it'll all work out. If I get things set for the next few months, my next vacation will hopefully be in October. My BFF (seriously...since kindergarten) and I haven't seen each other in WAAAYYY too long, so I really want to get to Chicago to see her. If work is slower than I expect, then I'll try to get out to see her around Thanksgiving.
I feel like things are starting to come together, at least in my mind. I'll be really, really disappointed if I make all these plans only to find out I didn't pass. So, guess for know I'll go back to sitting, waiting and creating my fantasy life.

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