Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finnigan, Begin Again

It felt silly to try posting during August. For one thing, I was out of town for almost the entire month. Very hard to post where I was and I wasn't using any of my own money. The second reason I didn't feel like posting was that my own finacial situation was at a total stand still. Hadn't heard about my test and I didn't start work until the last 10 days or so of August.

Work has started up again and just this past week I recieved the results from my test. I passed! This now means that I'm earning double my hourly pay (sweeeet) and so from my regular job I'll be earning over $1100! This is still not a ton of money compared to most, but luckily my schedule leaves me plenty of time to pick up extra work as a contractor. Now that I have my results it should make it much easier to get those contracts going. Hopefully by the beginning of next week I'll be set up with at least one more. I cannot begin to tell you the relief that I feel now. Longest two months, ever!

I really want to be smart with this money. My rent is going up $50 for the next year and I'd love to be able to start saving up for a house, open a Roth IRA, and maybe save up for a wedding. My first goal is still to get my emergency savings set up. I think I'll be able to spare $25 or $50 from each paycheck, still figuring out an exact amount. That will definitely get me to $500 much faster! Then I'll open the Roth IRA and seperate savings. I also need to start thinking about insurance (health). And the fun begins!!

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